The Shocking Real Crime That Caused the New Girl Set to Move

“People are the worst,” as Jessica Day would say. 

On Feb. 14, in a new episode of iHeartRadio’s Welcome to Our Show, a New Girl podcast hosted by Zooey Deschanel, Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simone, season one, episode four, “Naked,” was recapped, which resulted in the trio revealing the scary reason why the cast had to move sets: a real-life jewelry heist.

In the episode, Hannah recalled the particular scene that she and Zooey were filming when everything was going down. “[Zooey], you and I have this really tiny scene where I give you terrible advice to go and flash [Nick],” she said, “and then everything will be cool. The day we shot that, some huge criminal activity happened, which I completely forgot about.”

Per Hannah, the actresses were in a production van coming back from a location to shoot the scene. “All of a sudden, we’re just stopped,” she continued. “And no one’s saying anything explaining it.”

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