LOL! See Nikki Glaser Reveal New E! Series by Roasting the Network

LOL See Nikki Glaser Reveal New E Series by Roasting

Home is where the heart is…right?

That’s what Nikki Glaser is about to find out. The hit comedian, podcast host and roastmaster is uprooting from her fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle to return to her hometown of St. Louis on E!’s new series Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?, during which she’ll embark on a hilarious and often uncomfortable journey of self-discovery. 

As Nikki herself puts it in this sneak peek, the entire situation is “thoroughly chaotic.”

Thankfully, she’ll be able to lean on her parents Julie and EJ Glaser, her childhood bestie Kerstin Robertson, her platonic roommate Andrew Collin and even her ex-boyfriend Chris Convy. And despite being 1,800 miles from Hollywood, Nikki’s focus will remain sharp as she continues to hustle more than ever to make sure her star stays on the rise. 

So, to kick off the madness, Nikki’s doing what she does best: Roasting the network “that was insane enough to greenlight” the show.

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