Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Fiercely Defends Him From Critics

Matthew Stafford‘s wife Kelly is coming to his defense.

After the quarterback and his Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals at the 2022 Super Bowl, some started to speculate on whether he could one day end up in the Hall of Fame. However, Kelly didn’t waste any time tackling the critics. 

“Can y’all just let him enjoy this?!” she wrote on Instagram Stories Tuesday, Feb. 15. “It went from Matthew can’t win, to Matthew can’t win against winning teams, to Matthew can’t win big games, to Matthew can’t win playoff games, to Matthew can’t win it all. And now…the debate on the HOF?” 

Indeed, the podcast host and mom of four felt like this was an unfair call. “We shouldn’t be talking about the HOF because he isn’t done playing this game,” she continued. “If you don’t believe he is a HOFer..I can’t wait for him to prove you wrong in his remaining years…just like he did IN ONE YEAR to everyone who said all the things listed above. So let’s table this talk until he actually retires? Thank you.”

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