Why Anne Hathaway Says She “Just Met” Co-Star Jared Leto

Will the real Jared Leto please stand up?

Despite playing his wife in the new Apple TV+ limited series, Anne Hathaway says she only met the real version of the Oscar-winning actor recently.

“He has a really immersive process,” the actress, an Oscar winner herself, told E! News at the show’s March 17 premiere. “So much so that I just kind of met Jared for the first time a few days ago. He’s so sweet and playful. It’s funny, I’m getting to see some of the things that he brought to his character.”

Leto has been referred to as a “method actor” by some film critics, but don’t use that phrase around him. He prefers to be called “immersive.”

“I’ve spent a career immersively and it’s quite an opportunity,” he told E! News at the premiere.

In the upcoming Morbius movie (out April 1), Leto went to extremes to play the titular biochemist-turned-vampire, using a cane and learning how to limp in order to adequately model the character’s physical challenges. 

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