Kim Davis found guilty of violating gay couples rights

Kim Davis found guilty of violating gay couples rights

Kim Davis, the former Kentucky clerk who gained notoriety for denying marriage licenses to two gay couples in 2015, has been found guilty of violating their Constitutional rights.

The decision was handed down Friday by a Kentucky federal judge, according to a report in The Hill.

While serving as the clerk of Rowan County, Davis repeatedly turned away two gay couples: David Ermold and David Moore, and James Yates and Will Smith.

By doing so, Davis purposely avoided the 2015 US Supreme Court ruling Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized same-sex marriage in the United States, US judge David Bunning of Kentucky’s Eastern District said in his ruling.

Despite the ruling, Davis’ legal representatives aren’t backing down. In a statement Friday, Liberty Counsel, an evangelical non-profit, said Davis is not responsible for damages, arguing that Kentucky allows clerks to opt-out of issuing hunting and fishing licenses. The statement also said that Kentucky passed legislation allowing for religious exemptions when issuing marriage licenses.

Kim Davis representation contends that she is not responsible for damages.
Kim Davis
Kim Davis served as a clerk in Rowan County Kentucky until 2018 when she was voted out of her position.

Davis served as clerk of Rowan County until 2018, when she was voted out. Jailed for five days in 2015, Davis also attended President Trump’s first joint address to Congress in 2017.


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