Family sues funeral home for ‘accidentally’ cremating man

Family sues funeral home for ‘accidentally cremating man

The family of a deceased Arkansas man who expressly did not wish to be cremated has sued a funeral home for “accidentally” doing just that, according to a report.

Harold Lee of Pauline, S.C. wished to be buried by his parents in Quitman, Ark., KAIT8 reported, after he was found dead on Thanksgiving Day 2019.

Lee, whose remains were transported to a funeral home, “desired not to be cremated, as he believed his body would be raptured following the second coming,” according to the suit.

Harold Lee wished to not be cremated because he believed he would be raptured in the second coming.
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However, the funeral home informed the family on Dec. 10, 2019, that it accidentally cremated his body, sending his widow, Eunice Lee, into shock.

The funeral home refunded the family’s $5,000 and apologized, but the family has sued for damages.

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