Euphoria’s Storm Reid Dishes on Her PacSun Clothing Collection

Euphorias Storm Reid Dishes on Her PacSun Clothing Collection

E!: What three words would you use to describe this collection?
SR: Fun, Effortless, Exciting. 

E!: What is your favorite fashion trend right now?
SR: Oh, there are so many favorite fashion trends. I don’t think it’s a current fashion trend but something that I think became current in like 2018 and this kind of stuck is just a graphic t-shirt and biker shorts with a pair of sneakers. I love that look. And at first, I wasn’t really into it. But now, I’m like, I find myself wearing biker shorts and oversized T shirts.

E!: Who are your style icons, who do you look to for inspiration?
SR: I mean, of course Zendaya, I think she can do no wrong. She is the style icon in my eyes. Rihanna, same thing, Beyonce and then you know who has like she’s a style icon in her own right, but like, her street style is so amazing Teyana Taylor. Like, I look at her Instagram and I’m like, how do I be this person? How can I go in her closet and raid it and look like that? I’m like she’s incredibly fashionable.

E!: Does Zendaya know that you feel that way?
SR: Absolutely. I have looked up to her since Shake It Up.  Our first encounter was me fangirling over her at Ben and Jerry’s in the Burbank like Town Center. And then, of course, we’ve stayed connected and now we’re sisters on the show. She’s now like my sister in real life. But I’ve told her many a time that, I try not to be weird and try not to get shy around her.

And of course it’s become easier as we’ve gotten closer, but especially like Season 1 of Euphoria. I’m like, “Oh my god, I’m sitting next to the person that I look up to, that I want to be one day.” So it’s a really surreal, crazy feeling to like now like text her and call her and like go to her house. She comes to my house. So it’s a crazy, crazy way of how the world works, but I’m grateful.

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