Fran Drescher’s Dating Horror Stories Are Hilariously Relatable

Ms. Drescher is about to make her Mr. Mayor debut.

Fran Drescher is making a hilarious guest appearance on the March 29 episode of NBC’s hit comedy Mr. Mayor, and the former Nanny star is spilling behind-the-scenes details on working with fellow sitcom legend Ted Danson.

“I had a really a wonderful experience. I mean the whole thing is really like a triple-A-level show, which is so refreshing,” Drescher told E! News in an exclusive interview ahead of tonight’s episode. “I always wanted to work with [creator] Tina Fey, I’m a very big fan of hers. I haven’t ever worked with Ted but we always run into each other at events.”

Drescher plays Angelica, a famed TV commercial actress, who has a fling with Danson’s character.

“I loved that the character that they wrote for me was kind of out there and sexy and free and living her life her way,” Drescher explained. “It’s not the norm that they write a woman who’s 60 necessarily that way. So I really responded very favorably to that.”

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