Hilary Duff Mourns Death of “Angel” Dog Jak in Heartbreaking Note

Hilary Duff Mourns Death of Angel Dog Jak in Heartbreaking

Heaven welcomes a new dog angel.

Hilary Duff‘s furry friend Jak has barked his last bark after almost two years with the How I Met Your Father star. In a tribute post to the Yorkie on March 29, Hilary shared the ups and downs of her life with Jak.

“Rest easy my sweet Jak… a true fine wine ….,” she wrote in the post. “We won’t miss you peeing all over the house or barking all night…but I was so lucky to get almost two decades with you!!”

She said it was Jak who taught her how to be a mom before she welcomed her children Mae James Blair, 12 months, Banks Violet Blair, 3, and Lucy Cruz Comrie, 10.

“You watched me bring all my babies home,” she continued. “You, Lola, and Dubie taught me so much responsibility before having these human babies and you sure gave me a lot of comfort and love when I needed it the most!”

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