Mariska Hargitay Said This About “Sexy” Law and Order Scene

Mariska Hargitay Said This About Sexy Law and Order Scene

If this is what it looks like when Mariska Hargitay is playing a role normally, we can’t imagine what it’d be like if she turned on the charm.

During a March 28 appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the Law & Order: SVU star and her longtime TV partner Christopher Meloni watched a seemingly innocent scene from a crossover episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime. After the clip played, she turned to her co-star and said, “I didn’t realize it was so sexy.”

To this, Meloni had the perfect response: “You don’t watch the show?” Badum-tss!

Dumbfounded, host Seth Meyer chimed in, “Did you not think you were acting it sexy?” 

Apparently not! The star shrugged, to which Meyer declared, “Then you have a lot of inadvertent sexiness. I’m sorry to tell you!” 

But she’s not alone in her sex appeal—Meloni is a proud “zaddy,” a title given to him by what he claims is a “worldwide organization.”

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