Why Kevin Jonas Is Not Giving Fatherhood Advice to Joe and Nick Jonas

Why Kevin Jonas Is Not Giving Fatherhood Advice to Joe

Kevin Jonas isn’t a sucker for unsolicited parenting advice.

Although the 34-year-old singer was the first member of the Jonas Brothers to become a dad, he is holding off on telling brothers Nick and Joe Jonas—who are now fathers to little ones—how to parent their children. After all, Kevin and his wife, Danielle Jonas, “did it our way” when they first welcomed daughters Alena, 8, and Valentina, 5, he told E! News’ Daily Pop host Justin Sylvester.

“Everyone is going to do it their own way. It’s their journey,” he said during an exclusive joint interview with Danielle, when asked what tips he gives to Nick and Joe. “Everyone has their own thing.”

The “Lovebug” artist went on to say that doling out uninvited advice is “not the good thing to do,” noting that he would “instantly shut it down” if someone ever tried to tell him what to do with his own kids.

He added, “We’ve learned to just live your best life.”

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