Celebrating Seahorse Dads: Andy & Ricard Foyé’s Journey to Fatherhood

Celebrating Seahorse Dads Andy Ricard Foyes Journey to Fatherhood

E!: What message do you want to send to trans youth today?

AF: While they’re receiving awful messages from their governments, their schools and sometimes their parents and media, I hope they’re also getting to see trans adults who are happy and at home with their families and bodies. And know that their futures are as open as anyone else’s, that their identities are completely valid, wanted and needed in the world.

RF: The messages we send now are the messages they’re going to carry with them. I may not be trans, but the hurtful things that family members, strangers or teachers said to me as a queer kid, as a little gay kid, before me even understanding what that meant, they continue with me. 

Little kids feeling so ashamed of who they are from the outside world and confused about who they are on the inside sucks and it’s not fair. I hope that trans kids can feel authentic in who they are at some point in childhood, not have to wait until they’re an adult and figure it out too late.

Ask us whatever you want to ask. We really are open to communication, and we want to help. 

AF: People are always welcome to reach out. There are also lots of other trans dads out there [Freddy McConnell, Bennett Kaspar Williams, Kayden Coleman, Danny Wakefield] who are doing a lot of work and advocacy. 

We want you in the world and the world needs you.

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