Mark of a Serial Killer Preview: A Deranged Signature Revealed

Oxygens’ Mark of a Serial Killer is back and more blood-curdling than ever. 

The true-crime series, which follows the story of an investigation guided by the killer’s postmortem signature, returns April 2. Kicking off the new season is a Louisiana-based investigation focused on a murderer who has a penchant for carving up and cutting the bodies of his victims after death.

E! News has an exclusive sneak peek clip of what’s to come, starting with the discovery of a young woman’s body. Detective Bryan White of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office recalls that the victim “was posed face down on the brush pile and once she was rolled over, it was immediately obvious that this female had also suffered significant post-mortem cuttings.”

More specifically, one of her arms had been severed at the elbow. 

“I immediately thought of [serial killer victim] Johnnie Mae [Williams], who had her hands severed,” White said, adding that the injuries also brought back memories of another victim, Katherine Hall, who had similar “post-mortem cuttings and ligature marks around the neck.”

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