Selling Sunset Fans Spot Wardrobe Error on Chelsea Lazkani

Selling Sunset Fans Spot Wardrobe Error on Chelsea Lazkani

The Internet is banding together in support of Chelsea Lazkani.

During season five, episode six, new Selling Sunset realtor Chelsea headed to dinner in a sparkly blue dress with her husband, Jeffrey, Mary Fitzgerald and Oppenheim Group founder Jason Oppenheim.

And while Chelsea was focused on making her case for why she should be brought into the O Group, fans were distracted by a wardrobe mishap: Chelsea’s dress was held together by multiple rubber bands. Though shows often take shortcuts to make outfits more flattering on-screen, like cinching a dress with rubber bands to make it more formfitting, production edits it out later. But not this time. 

And once fans noticed, they did what fans do: went to Twitter!

“They did my girl Chelsea dirty on #SellingSunset,” a fan tweeted. “They keep cutting to camera angles where you see the rubber bands… @netflix,” 

Another noted, “Obsessed with the confidence of Chelsea showing the rubber bands cinching her dress… #SellingSunset.”

Still others posed great questions: “Why did you not take the dress to get it tailored?” and “Do the #SellingSunset producers hate Chelsea????”

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