Warren warns Dems will lose Congress if party doesn’t get ‘work done’

Warren warns Dems will lose Congress if party doesnt get

As Democrats face a steep battle to keep the majority in both chambers of Congress later this year, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is warning of a Republican takeover if her party doesn’t start getting “the work done” for inflation-weary Americans who have been hit hard by crime, a surge in illegal immigration and the ever-rising cost of living during the Biden administration. 

“We’ve got less than 200 days until the election and American families are hurting,” the far-left Massachusetts Democrat told CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday. “Our job, while we are here in the majority, is to deliver on behalf of those families. And that means making government work for them.” 

Warren emphasized that Democrats “need to get the work done,” calling for action on price-gouging, corporation corruption, and student loan debt. 

“And if you don’t, will you lose control of Congress?” Bash asked. 

“Yeah,” Warren said. “I think we’re going to be in real trouble if we don’t get up and deliver. Then I believe the Democrats are going to lose. Democrats win when they do what? When they work on behalf of working people. We can just rest on what we’ve already done. We need to be fighting going forward.” 

“I think we’re going to be in real trouble if we don’t get up and deliver,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren said.

For weeks, Democrats have been indicating that the party needs to focus on key issues such as urban crime and supply chain shortages to have a chance in the fall midterm elections. 

“If we don’t fix things now, we will get mauled in November,” a battleground Democratic member of Congress told The Post. “Anyone in a tough district knows it. The rest have their head stuck in the sand.” 

Just last week, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) accused President Biden and his administration of hurting the party by moving forward with lifting Title 42 next month. 

Rep. Henry Cuellar.
Rep. Henry Cuellar accused President Biden and his administration of hurting the Democratic Party by moving forward with lifting Title 42.
Fox News

“This is not good for Democrats in November. You know, in talking with some of my Republican colleagues, they’re saying ‘We can’t believe the White House is giving us this narrative. We can’t believe that they’re hurting Democrat candidates for the November election,’” Cuellar told Fox News Digital. 

“And you know this, you look at the polls. The Republican voters are not happy by what’s happening at the border. The Democratic voters are not happy. And if you look at the independent voters, they’re not happy about this decision. So who are we trying to please?” 

The margins for a party control flip in both Chambers are razor thin. The Senate is divided 50-50 and Democrats only hold a 10-set advantage in the House. To take the majority, Republicans will need a net-gain of five seats. 

Elizabeth Warren.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren called for action on price-gouging, corporation corruption, and student loan debt. 
J. Scott Applewhite/AP

So far, at least 30 Democrats in the House and 18 Republicans have announced their intent not to reclaim their seat this fall. In the Senate, only one Democrat is stepping down while five others have revealed their intention to not run. 

In an attempt to gain more support, Republicans have appeared to amped up their criticism of growing inflation and the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern border. 

However, new polling has indicated that Americans remain divided on who they will support. A Tuesday Politico/Morning Consult poll found that if the midterms were held today, 43% of registered voters would back a Democratic candidate for Congress while 42% would support the Republican candidate. Approximately 16% answered “don’t know” or had no opinion.

Joe Biden.
President Biden struggles with his approval rating as his administration faces numerous growing issues.
Tasos Katopodis/REUTERS
The Biden administration has faced a surge of migrants crossing the border into the US.
Adrees Latif/REUTERS
Gas prices.
Americans are struggling with increasing gas prices and inflation.
Christopher Sadowski

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