New videos show the aftermath of ‘Rust’ shooting

New videos show the aftermath of Rust shooting

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, a slew of law enforcement officers and first responders arrived at the Bonanza Creek Ranch set.

One of the responding officers, Deputy Nicholas LaFleur, soon learned that Alec Baldwin fired the gun, and he asked for help to find the actor who was standing about 20 feet away, making a call on the cell phone. “I was the one holding the gun,” Baldwin tells him. “What do you need?”

Baldwin then described how the assistant director Halls handed him the gun.

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Another video depicts Gutierrez Reed responding to questions about her job. “I’m the armorer or at least I was,” she says.

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In body cam footage from after the shooting, Gutierrez Reed spoke with Detective Alexandria Hancock as they walked to the bathroom.

“Welcome to the worst day of my life,” Gutierrez Reed says. “I can’t believe Alec Baldwin was holding the gun. That’s so f—ed.”

In this video, a group of local law enforcement officers try to piece together how events in the church played out.

They also discussed why there were so many casings on the ground.

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Law enforcement discusses why there are casings on the ground.

In this video, Alec Baldwin, Dave Halls and other crew members discussed the weapons involved in the shooting and how the two victims were injured. Halls demonstrated the shake test typically used to make sure bullets were actual dummies. A crew member says it sounded like it might have been an actual live round, and Baldwin expresses concern for Hutchins.

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