Sarah Talabi Says She’s Getting “Hate” Amid Timothée Chalamet Rumors

Sarah Talabi Says Shes Getting Hate Amid Timothee Chalamet Rumors

She has yet to definitively deny or confirm any relationship with Timothée and, instead, is hoping to redirect attention away from the gossip and toward environmentalism.

“Everyone is hounding me to answer the question of whether I’m dating Timothée or not,” the Is Climate Change the Pandemic that Will End Humanity? co-author said. “I will answer that question when politicians have answered my question of why they are ignoring the climate change crisis to the point of criminal negligence. I think that’s a fair trade.”

She added, “If only people kept this energy for climate change reform. I hope they realize that at the rate global warming is going, the earth will cease to exist as we know it in just a few generations.”

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