Turkish plane narrowly misses civilians during fiery crash

Terrifying video captured the moment a small plane slams into a Turkish street, killing the two people aboard – as passersby flee for their lives before the aircraft erupts into a fireball.

The dramatic video begins with two men walking in opposite directions down the narrow street in the Baglarbasi neighborhood of Bursa, a city in northwestern Anatolia, about 3 p.m. Monday.

Seconds later, the single-engine plane comes crashing down just inches away from them as a large piece of debris goes sliding into a car parked in the foreground.

A woman holding a baby and a child walking at her side are then seen crossing the street and entering a house on the opposite side – mere seconds before the wreckage bursts in flames.

A man runs away from the conflagration as the flames follow the path of the chunk that lodged under the vehicle.

The video shows the plane exploding and raining debris down onto unsuspecting civilians.
Furkan Otkum was one of the pilots who perished in the crash.
Murat Avsar was behind the steering wheel when the plane experienced a malfunction.
The fiery explosion claimed the lives of both the pilot and the trainee that were on board.

The plane took off from Bursa Yunuseli Airport and was flying to Yenisehir Airport when it “crashed due to an unknown reason,” the PIC Ucus Turkiye flight school told Newsflash.

“After the accident, our first priority was to reach our aircraft in coordination with the search and rescue teams and obtain information about the health status of our flight crew and the citizens living in the region,” it said.

“Although no citizens were harmed in the region where this tragic accident took place, unfortunately our pilots Murat Avsar and Furkan Otkum passed away in the tragic event,” the statement added.

Footage from a cell phone at the scene of the plane’s crash.
The plane took off from Bursa Yunuseli Airport and was flying to Yenisehir Airport when it crashed.

The victims were reportedly the pilot and a trainee pilot.

Gov. Yakup Canbolat said the cause of the crash was likely a technical fault.

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