See Harry Styles and Florence Pugh Cozy Up in Sneak Peek of New Film

See Harry Styles and Florence Pugh Cozy Up in Sneak

This still of Harry Styles and Florence Pugh is golden.
During her appearance at CinemaCon on April 26, director Olivia Wilde unveiled the steamy full-length trailer for her psychological film Don’t Worry Darling. The movie, which stars Harry and Florence as a 1950s couple whose reality begins to shatter, will debut this September.

Per Variety, Olivia told the crowd that the film is “a love letter to movies that push the boundaries of our imagination.”
“I want you to imagine a life where you have everything you could want,” she said. “Not just material, tangible things… like a beautiful house, perfect weather and gorgeous cars. But also the things that really matter, like true love or the perfect partner or real trusted friendships and a purpose that feels meaningful.”
Olivia continued, “What would it take for you to give up that life, that perfect life. What are you really willing to sacrifice to do what’s right? Are you willing to dismantle the system that’s designed to serve you? That’s the big question at the center of Don’t Worry Darling.”

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