Why Amanda Bynes Is So “Hyped” About Her Latest Rap Song “Fairfax”

Why Amanda Bynes Is So Hyped About Her Latest Rap

She’s Amanda and it’s going down! 

On April 24, Amanda Bynes released her second single, “Fairfax,” with her fiancé Paul Michael. On the bold rap track, Amanda describes her lavish lifestyle, complete with shout outs popular brands including Fendi, Balenciaga and more. The song was produced by Yung Yogi.

Now, in an exclusive exchange with E! News, the She’s the Man star, 36, is pulling back the curtain on how the collaboration came to be, sharing, “Paul went to high school with Yung Yogi, so I was hyped when the opportunity came up for us to all work together.” 

On the track, Amanda, who recently ended her 9-year-long conservatorship, is joined by Paul as she raps about “ridin’ low in Cali in my ’64 Chevy” and “looking flawless.”

“All these hittas can’t see me now / I’m Amanda and it’s going down,” she raps. “Yeah, I get it from the bottom ground / So come f—k with me and my sound.”  

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