Andrew Garfield Hilariously Responds to Tom Holland’s Fake Butt Claim

Andrew Garfield Hilariously Responds to Tom Hollands Fake Butt Claim

Andrew Garfield certainly knows how to be cheeky.
In case you missed it: Back in early February, Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star Tom Holland revealed that at least one of his predecessors in the latest installment (either Andrew or Tobey Maguire) may have sported a little extra cushion in his Spidey suit. Now, Andrew is stepping in to help dismantle to the web of theories on who it actually was.
“He’s just stirring the pot—old Tom, he can’t help himself,” Andrew said during his April 28 appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. “You know, there’s an expression that we have in entertainment, which is, ‘We want to put bums on seats.’ You know, we want to get the audience sat and paying their tickets.”
And according to Andrew, his co-star knows how to get his audience’s attention very well. “Tom is pretty great at creating subgenres of games for you all,” the actor added. “While you’re in the cinema going, ‘Well that butt doesn’t look real. Tobey’s looks like it might be real. Could Andrew have that much ass? Maybe, potentially.'”

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