How Candy Writers Feel About HBO Max’s Dueling Adaptation

How Candy Writers Feel About HBO Maxs Dueling Adaptation

Hulu beat HBO Max to the finish the line when it comes to telling the story of Candy Montgomery.

The streamer released the first episode of the limited series, starring Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey, on May 9, introducing viewers to this sinister true-crime story that captivated the country in the ’80s. In a few months, HBO Max will release its own take on the grisly crime, starring Elizabeth Olsen as Candy—an adaptation Candy writer Robin Veith is “actually excited” about, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Yes, the two shows are going to be compared to each other, but Veith doesn’t think it’s a big deal. “The thing about this story is there’s like 100 ways to tell this story,” Veith said. “I’m also the person who watched three Fyre Festival documentaries that came out at the same time, I watched them all back-to-back. I just love different perspectives, so I’m very excited for what they’re doing.”

She noted that the writers didn’t feel a sense of competition or pressure since they already “had a take and a story that we wanted to tell,” so they kept moving full steam ahead.

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