Why Actor James Cromwell Superglued Himself to a Starbucks Counter

Why Actor James Cromwell Superglued Himself to a Starbucks Counter

Now this is a daring act that would make Ewan Roy proud!

On May 10, Succession star James Cromwell superglued his hand to a counter of a Starbucks café in New York City in protest of the coffee chain’s upcharge policy for plant-based milks. In a livestream of the “glue-in” shared on PETA’s Facebook page, Cromwell—who serves as the honorary director of the animal rights organization—read from a prepared statement, “calling on Starbucks to stop punishing kind and environmentally conscious customers” for choosing nondairy alternatives in their drinks.

“When will you stop raking in huge profits while customers, animals and the environment suffer?” Cromwell asked, adding, “Starbucks claims that it wants to be more sustainable, but it discourages customers from choosing sustainable products. The company claims to be committed to inclusion and diversity, but it still discriminates against those who can’t have dairy.”

He continued, “Stop this practice of charging customers more for something that should be available for everybody that saves the planet, that does not harm animals and will make a difference.”

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