Coast Guard rescues sailboat crew off Long Island

The US Coast Guard rescued four injured sailors who found themselves stranded in the choppy waters off the Long Island coast over the weekend after their boat got pounded by a “rogue wave.”

The incident took place 80 miles south of Montauk, New York, where four men were sailing aboard a 39-foot vessel named Calypso on Sunday, the Coast Guard said.

Dramatic video released Tuesday shows a member of the MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from US Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod jumping into the Long Island Sound to medivac the sailors from the damaged boat.

According to officials, a “rogue wave” had knocked down Calypso’s mast and injured the four sailors, who were able to call for help.

The 39-foot sailing vessel, Calypso, was damaged by a “rogue” wave.
The group was stranded about 80 miles from Montauk, Long Island.
The US Coast Guard had to rescue four sailers who were stranded off the Long Island Coast after a wave damaged their boat.

The Coast Guard said that the rescue mission was complicated by rough sea conditions, gusty winds and dwindling sunlight.

“There were 16 to 17 foot waves out there at the time,” Petty Officer Briana Carter told The Boston Globe.

The operation entailed having a rescue swimmer jump into the water, assess the injuries of the victims and place them in a rescue basket to be hoisted into the helicopter hovering overhead, as seen in the 2-minute video.

The Coast Guard’s rescue mission was complicated by poor conditions including 16 to 17 foot waves.
A member of the MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew jumped into the Long Island Sound to rescue the sailers.
One of the sailers getting lifted by the helicopter crew.
The MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew after the rescue mission.

“This was probably the best example of crew coordination and teamwork than any rescue I’ve been a part of,” Coast Guard Lt. Nick Zablotny told the station WBZ-TV.

Officials said the victims were safely brought ashore and then transported to a hospital for treatment. Some of them suffered bruised ribs and a concussion.

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