Inside Naomi Judd’s Candid Battle With Mental Health

Inside Naomi Judds Candid Battle With Mental Health

During an her interview on Candy O’Terry‘s podcast Country Music Success Stories in 2020, Naomi talked about having her first daughter, Wynonnya, after being”date raped” by a football player when she was 18 years old.

“I got pregnant the first time I had sex,” Naomi said. “Three months later, when I called him to tell him to say I thought I was pregnant, he said, ‘Well, tough luck kiddo,’ and he hung up the phone and we never heard from him.”

Four years later, Naomi said, she was beaten and raped by an drug-addicted ex-boyfriend who broke into her home.

“He slapped me across the face,” she shared. “He tortured me and he beat me real bad and then he raped me and then he took a shot of heroin, and when he took a second dose of heroin he passed out, so I took the girls and went to the sheriff station.”

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