Sara Gilbert Has a Big Announcement in The Conners Sneak Peek

Sara Gilbert Has a Big Announcement in The Conners Sneak

Darlene Conner is one frisky soon-to-be bride!

Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and her new fiancé Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) are excited to share news of their engagement with the Conner clan, in this exclusive sneak peek at the May 11 episode of The Conners.

However, the news has to wait until after the couple takes some much-needed alone time.

“My clothes are all wrinkled. My hair is messed up,” Darlene says. “Does it look like I just had sex in the car?”

When Ben jokes that she looks the same as she always does, he immediately backtracks like a good fiancé should.

“You always look carefree and wind-blown,” he tells Darlene. “I just gave you pleasure for two minutes remember that.” Ah, we love the smell of romance in the air!

The couple shifts focus to the big nuptial reveal in their back pocket.

“I am so excited to tell my family that we are getting married,” Darlene boasts. “They are going to be blown away. They don’t even know that we’re back together.”

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