Teachers union president Michael Mulgrew wins re-election

Teachers union president Michael Mulgrew wins re election

Michael Mulgrew was re-elected the United Federation of Teachers president on Wednesday night — by an unusually small majority.

The city’s teachers union said Mulgrew had received 66.3 percent of the votes counted by late Wednesday, while his closest competitor, United For Change candidate Camille Eterno, got 33.6%.

It was the slimmest margin since Mulgrew’s first run more than a decade ago, the education nonprofit Chalkbeat first reported.

“I am honored that — after a couple of very difficult years for the schools and for our members — I have been re-elected,” Mulgrew said in a statement. 

“I look forward to working with the entire UFT to ensure that the school system functions well for everyone — employees, children and their families.”

In the last election, Mulgrew netted 86% of the overall vote in 2019 — before pandemic-era school closures and learning loss, and the tensions that came with navigating health and safety protocols while the virus was at its height.

A coalition of blocs uniting to overtake Mulgrew may have also bit into the incumbent’s advantage. Called “United for Change,” the faction included progressive groups like the Movement for Rank and File Educators as well as centrist blocs like UFT Solidarity.

A city teachers’ faction called “United for Change” attempted to overtake Mulgrew.
William Farrington

Mulgrew also stirred the pot with some retirees when he supported a city plan to move them to privatized health insurance. Retirees are frequently the most activated base of voters in UFT elections, but some moved to block the shift that they deemed “inferior.”

Just 26 percent of ballots sent to members’ homes were returned, according to the UFT. All UFT members can vote for president, including those who are retired capped at 23,500 people.

Mulgrew was elected to his first full president’s term in 2010.

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