Texas students burned from gym class teacher’s punishment

Texas students burned from gym class teachers punishment

A physical education teacher is under investigation in the Houston area after several students reported burn injuries following exercises the coach made them do as punishment, according to local reports.

Four students at Anthony Aguirre Junior High who tried to get out of running laps on Monday as temperatures soared above 90 degrees suffered the injuries after the gym teacher reportedly forced them to instead do bear crawls.

Wendy Alvarez, a parent of one of the punished students, described her son’s injuries in an interview with KRIV.

“Now his hands are burnt. He has second degree burns. I took him to the ER yesterday. He said ‘My hands feel like they’re on fire.’ He had a fever last night,” Alvarez told the outlet.

“My son…he has nose bleeds and things, so he didn’t want to run. It was too hot. Him and four other kids, they went, and they were hiding behind the bleachers. The coach found them and I guess punished them by making them do bear crawls,” Alvarez said.

Wendy Alvarez’s son went to the emergency room with blisters from a gym class punishment gone wrong.
FOX 26 Houston
Child sitting with ice packs on hands.
The gym teacher had reportedly made students do bear crawls outside on a day where the heat index was at 102 degrees.
FOX 26 Houston

The heat index was 102 that day, the local FOX station estimates, as the students were on all fours on a blistering track. Alvarez’s son has second-degree burns, she claimed.

The teacher is under investigation, the Channelview Independent School District said in a statement.

“The teacher has been removed from the classroom and placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation,” the district said.

Hand blisters
Four students were made to do the bear crawls as a form of punishment for not running.
FOX 26 Houston
Hand wounds
Children ended up in the emergency room from the hot pavement giving them blisters.
FOX 26 Houston

“Channelview ISD does not condone aversive discipline techniques that may cause physical pain to a student in any way. We take these situations very seriously as the safety of our students is always our top priority.”

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