Jennifer Grey on Back-Back Johnny Depp, Matthew Broderick Engagements

Jennifer Grey on Back Back Johnny Depp Matthew Broderick Engagements

While Baby wasn’t put in the corner of this love triangle, she did cut it pretty close.

In the ’80s, there was a period of time when Jennifer Grey was engaged to to Matthew Broderick—then Johnny Depp just weeks later.

“It was really a sign that there was trouble afoot on my part,” the Dirty Dancing actress shared on the May 12 episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. “I mean, honestly, I just thought it was God rescuing me from one bad situation, and just lovingly plopping me into a Johnny Depp soufflé.”

Here’s a quick timeline: Back in 1985, she met Broderick on set of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, in which they played brother and sister. In 1988, the actor proposed to her with a Tiffany & Co. diamond solitaire engagement ring, she writes in her new memoir Out of the Corner, but they soon split, after which she flew to Los Angeles.


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