See Nikki Glaser’s Bird Sanctuary Trip Take a Hilarious Turn

Mom Julie chimes in: “We thought it was gonna be an institution, a building, a commercial building.” EJ just hopes the place has more than two or three kinds of birds to look at.

Nikki’s love of birds surpasses her skepticism of the at-home sanctuary, so they choose to carry on. Luckily, a pleasant surprise awaits as the group meets sanctuary directors Karen and Richard at the door.

“We get all these calls all the time for people wanna turn their birds in,” Richard tells the group, “and I have to say no, and that kills me.”

With over 60 birds in just two rooms of the house, Karen says that they are “maxed out on cockatoos” with 44 total.

“I’m excited to see little birds and look at them and play with them,” Nikki says in a confessional. “Birds represent a very childlike feeling in my soul.”

And with that, they fly into one of the sanctuary’s rooms to hang out with some feathered friends.

Check out the full clip above.

Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? airs Sunday at 10 p.m. on E!.

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