See Rob Kardashian’s Rare Appearance on The Kardashians

See Rob Kardashians Rare Appearance on The Kardashians

Don’t blink or you’ll miss Rob Kardashian‘s short and sweet appearance on The Kardashians this week.  

Following the release of the May 12 episode on Hulu, E! News’ Kards Katch Up Korrespondent Colt Paulsen posted a video on TikTok that revealed Rob, 35, can be briefly seen during his mom Kris Jenner‘s birthday celebration.

Although he is mostly hidden behind his sister Khloe Kardashian while at the dinner table, Rob’s tattoos are visible throughout the scene and he can be spotted in the reflection of the windows behind them. At one point, he can also be seen happily smiling.   

While Rob has since stepped away from the spotlight, it looks like fans of the family were overjoyed to see his momentary return to reality TV. As one fan commented on TikTok, “WE NEED ROBBB BACKKKKK.” 

However, others maintained that respecting his privacy was of the utmost importance. “Those were Rob’s wishes and we should respect that,” another TikTok user added. “Glad to see he’s involved with his family though.” 

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