How Mariah Carey Reacted to Nick Cannon’s Tribute Song “Alone”

How Mariah Carey Reacted to Nick Cannons Tribute Song Alone

E! News: What are the life experiences you drew from for this project?

Nick Cannon: Everything. I mean, this my entire adult life. I’ve had so much heartbreak. I’ve been a part of so many situations where I’ve been the one that’s hurt. I feel like this gives people a real authentic look into who I am—from the vulnerable side to the egotistical sides. It is like confessions of a broken soul with someone who yearns for love, who wants to figure it out but hasn’t gotten it right.

E!: What are you hoping your fans take away from this mixtape? 

NC: It’s the art. We haven’t had this type of honesty and vulnerability. We get the opportunity to really emote. I feel like a lot of times people see so many different sides of me, but they never really get to know the true me and how I approach something. If they get to see the actual side that gets to emote through this project, that’s my goal.

E!: You worked with so many amazing people on this mixtape. What was it like collabing with Brandy and what was her best advice?

NC: You hear the lyrics in the song. She was like “Yo, you have got to grow up, we are grown now.” I am doing the same thing I was doing when we were teenagers. But being under the tutelage of one of the greatest voices ever, I was honored. Like, “Wow, this is this is the GOAT and she’s showing me how to do it.” So, that was a lot of fun.

E!: You reference a lot of the women in your life on this mixtape. What do they think about it?

NC: They know me and they are like, “Oh, here he goes again.” Everybody’s so supportive and so loving, especially when it comes to art. I’m not intentionally trying to be a messy individual or anything, but one has to speak their truth and one has to be authentic.

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