Jeannie Mai Details Her “Really Upsetting” Breastfeeding Journey

Jeannie Mai Details Her Really Upsetting Breastfeeding Journey

Jeannie Mai Jenkins is keeping it real.

More than four months after welcoming her first child with Jeezy, The Real co-host is returning to YouTube with a personal video about her motherhood journey.

In an exclusive preview of her May 19 Hello Hunnay episode produced by Kin Networks, Jeannie shared her difficult breastfeeding experience in honest detail.

“For the past three months, I’ve been by myself with my own little thoughts, trying my hardest to get any squeeze of milk possible outside my breasts,” she began. “I’ve had nobody to talk to about it so you’re welcome. Welcome to the party.”

In the video, Jeannie recalled the moments after baby Monaco was born. Within minutes, a nurse took her newborn and placed her underneath Jeannie’s breast. “I saw Monaco’s poor little face and she just started doing the thing,” she said. “That was when I felt I need to breastfeed. I didn’t feel like I had an option. I just felt like this is what you do.”

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