Yes, Faith Hill Really Slapped Tim McGraw on 1883

Yes Faith Hill Really Slapped Tim McGraw on 1883

Finally, another slap to discuss! 

As real-life husband and wife, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have experienced quite a bit throughout their 25-year marriage. So, when it came time for them to play a married couple on the Yellowstone prequel series 1883—their first-ever acting job together—Faith took the job seriously. Like very, very seriously. 

“There was a scene that we did where she had to slap me,” Tim told Jimmy Fallon on the May 18 episode of The Tonight Show.

“That was not a real slap,” Jimmy assumed. “That was a TV slap.”

Come on, Jimmy, you should know Faith Hill doesn’t play around!

“No, that was a real slap,” Tim assured Jimmy. “We talked about it before. We don’t want to do a TV slap. We want to do a real slap, but after about the eighth take, I was concussed a bit.”

Alright, we’ve heard of method acting but this might be a little extreme. 

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