Granddad of Texas shooter Salvador Ramos insists he had no idea teen had guns

Granddad of Texas shooter Salvador Ramos insists he had no

Teen Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos lived with his grandparents, who had no idea he had weapons in the house, his grandfather insisted Wednesday.

“I don’t like weapons. I cannot be around weapons,” Rolando Reyes, 72 — whose wife was shot during Tuesday’s deadly rampage — told ABC News.

“I didn’t know he had weapons … If I would have known, I would have reported him,” insisted the grandfather of the 18-year-old who was shot dead in Robb Elementary School after he’d slaughtered 19 children and two educators.

Reyes told the station that he is forbidden from being around guns after a felony conviction, which the outlet did not elaborate on. “I cannot be around guns,” he confirmed.

“I hate when I see all the news, all those people that get shot — I’m against all that. Why do they let all these people buy guns and all that?” he asked.

Officials earlier Wednesday confirmed that Ramos had legally bought his weapons just days after turning 18 on Monday last week.

Rolando Reyes, grandfather of alleged Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos, said he didn’t know the teen had guns in the home.

He then bragged about them on social media, posting images of two AR-style rifles on social media, along with chilling hints at his plans for violence.

Insisting that they had no idea about the weapons under their roof, Reyes instead painted a mundane portrait of his grandson’s landmark birthday — saying the teen’s grandmother took him to Applebee’s as a treat.

He insisted the first he knew his grandson was involved was when a neighbor called to say that the 18-year-old gunman had shot his grandmother and fled in a vehicle.

The home of shooter Salvador Ramos, where he lived with his grandparents.
The home of shooter Salvador Ramos, where he lived with his grandparents.
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Salvador Ramos
Rolando Reyes called his grandson Salvador Ramos a quiet kid.

“It still hasn’t sunk in yet,” he told ABC News.

He told the outlet that the teen lived with them because he “had problems” with his mother. He did not elaborate on what they were.

“He was very quiet. He didn’t talk very much,” Reyes said, saying he “very seldom” had conversations with the grandson living under his roof.

He confirmed that his grandson had not been going to school.

“He didn’t graduate, but he didn’t go to school,” Reyes said.

Asked why, he replied, “Kids nowadays, they think they know everything.”

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