Abbott Elementary Cast Talks Janine & Gregory’s Budding Romance

Abbott Elementary Cast Talks Janine Gregorys Budding Romance

“Who even knows if it works out?” he said. “They’re growing as individuals. It’s not clear if they’ll grow together or apart, you’ll have to see.”

While the pair’s romance is still up in the air for season two, Brunson teased some definite things to pop up in season two: The characters will travel outside of the titular school more in the new episodes.

“In the first season, I really wanted them to stay in the school so that our audience could fall in love with Abbott, fall in love with our workplace,” she told E! News. “But next season, we’ll be going outside just a little bit more, which I think is fun, you know, just to leave every now and then.”

Don’t panic by this pivot, as Ralph assured E! News, “If you liked season one, you are going to love season two.”

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