Missouri mom beaten by teen girls who had tried to fight her 16-year-old daughter

Missouri mom beaten by teen girls who had tried to

Two teens showed up to fight a 16-year-old girl at her home and allegedly attacked her mom instead — leaving the woman with a concussion, a broken nose and two black eyes, a report said.

Michelle Audo said she and her husband were asleep when their two daughters woke them up and said a “carload of girls” was outside their home in Blue Springs, Missouri, and wanted to fight the younger one, according to the Kansas City Star.

Audo, 48, told the paper that she went outside and told the girls in the white sedan to leave but they refused, demanding that her 16-year-old daughter come out and face them.

“I go, ‘You know, she’s not coming out.’ And they’re like, ‘Well, either she’s coming out or we’re coming in.’ And I’m like ‘No, you’re not,’” Audo said.

“And then two of them jumped out of the car.”

A girl with blonde hair allegedly punched Audo in the face and was joined by a girl with black hair, with both of them winding up on top of the older woman on the ground, according to a police report cited by the Star.

Audo was left with a concussion, a broken nose and two black eyes after the attack.
San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office

Audo’s older daughter, 18, pulled both girls off her mom and Audo’s husband used a cane to knock the blonde to the ground when she allegedly tried to attack Audo a second time, the Star said.

Both girls got back in the car and left, after which one reportedly posted a Snapchat story that detailed the incident, with messages saying, “Imagine letting ur mom get her ass beat” and “Tell yo mom to come clean her blood off my window.”

Cops later spoke to both girls, one of whom claimed that Audo “came to the side of the car and swung” at a teen who hit her in return, according to the police report.

Audo said police told her that the girls in the car were as young as 13 and that her alleged assailants were charged with simple assault in the May 15 incident and faced prosecution in Youth Court, where juveniles charged with minor infractions are judged by their peers.

“They think they are grown enough to beat up someone’s mom, I think they need to pay the consequences,” Audo fumed.

“What’s going to stop them from coming back? Or to do this to somebody else?”

Blue Springs Police Chief Bob Muenz told the Star that the case remained under investigation and could wind up in Family Court, where judges are in charge.

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