Daniel Picazo set on fire, lynched by mob in Puebla, Mexico

A former political consultant was dragged away from cops by an angry Mexican mob, then burned and lynched on a nearby field amid rumors he was a child trafficker.

Daniel Picazo, 31, was set upon by some 200 angry locals in Puebla on Friday after rumors spread that he was a child trafficker — in what police said may have been a case of mistaken identity, CBS News said in a report.

“This is not justice, but barbarism,” officials in Huachinango, which oversees the town of Papatlazolco, where the attack took place, said in a statement.

“The competent authorities are already investigating what happened to determine responsibility.”

In a Facebook post Sunday, authorities cautioned readers, “Don’t fall for the #FaceInformation!

“Be sure to verity all types of information being spread through any media,” it said.

The deadly mob took Daniel Picazo out of police custody — even thought the rumors about him were not confirmed, cops said.

Cops said rumors about Picazo circulated around the town, prompting police to take him into custody and put him in a patrol car — only to have the mob drag him away.

The horde took Picazo to a nearby athletic field, where he was beaten, doused in gasoline, set on fire and then lynched, the outlet reported.

Authorities said the rumors that Picazo was involved in trafficking were not confirmed.

Picazo was an adviser for Mexico’s National Action Party until March, Mexico News Daily said in a report this week.

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