Florida community watches massive bear tour their neighborhood

Their community wasn’t as exclusive as they thought.

Residents of a normally quiet gated community in Florida were shocked to spot a massive bear sauntering through their neighborhood over the weekend.

Stunned homeowners in the North Naples community of Milano cautiously emerged from their homes to capture the sauntering black bear on video as it explored their front lawns and garbage cans.

Twitter user Jim Ritchie posted his footage of the behemoth on Twitter and narrated the bear’s journey.

“Oh my God,” he can be heard saying as the the animal casually traipsed near sparkling SUVS and on manicured lawns.

“Look, there’s no soliciting around here,” Ritchie advised the bear from a relatively safe distance. “So you’re probably going to have to head back home. Is there somebody you wanted to see here?”

The bear takes a stroll through a North Naples community of Milano.
Expanding development in Florida has lead to an increase in bear sightings.
Neighbors kept their distance as the black bear explored the area.

Riffing on the burly breach of the community gate, Ritchie asked if he had proper credentialing. “Do you know what address you’re going to? Do you have a guest pass?” he quipped.

Florida wildlife officials have said that black bear sightings in residential Florida neighborhoods have increased recently due to expanding development.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission advises residents to keep “negative interactions” with bears at a minimum and to keep garbage cans secured.

“When people intentionally or inadvertently feed bears, both people and bears lose,” the agency states.

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