How Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Prepared to Act Together on 1883

How Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Prepared to Act Together

Before starring together on the series 1883, country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill had shared many life experiences together…except for one.

“We’ve been married, this year, for 26 years, raised three kids, performed together,” Faith exclusively told E! News’ Daily Pop, revealing that they had “done most everything together but acted together.”

Until now. In the Yellowstone prequel, the duo play husband-wife duo James and Margaret. And for their onscreen debut, they had one rule: Don’t bring work home.

“I felt it was important that we didn’t run lines,” she explained. “We didn’t talk about our scenes at all, ever, until we were on set as James and as Margaret and said ‘Action.'”

There was one exception: Discussing the intricacies of their fight scene.

“The only thing we talked about is, like, we don’t wanna do a TV slap,” Tim said on Daily Pop. “We wanna do a real slap. And we’re married, we can take it. We’ve been together for a long time.”

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