Why Kim Kardashian Waited 6 Months to Intro Pete Davidson to Her Kids

Recently, a source close to Kim told E! News that the bond between the couple has “become more serious,” so much so that it was a “natural progression” for Pete to start spending time with her children. “She loves that she can trust Pete to take them to do activities on his own,” the insider shared. “It takes a lot of stress off of her and their relationship. She thinks it’s really cute and is grateful how seamless it’s been. Pete is really good around the kids, and they all love him.”

Kanye will always be a part of her children’s lives as well. During her appearance on Today, Kim said that she and the kids had a big Father’s Day dinner with the rapper⁠, who she filed for divorce from in February 2021 after six years of marriage⁠.

“North cooked,” she shared. “Of course I wanted to honor and respect the amazing people and fathers in my life that have raised me and are raising my children. So, everything is going good.”

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