A Ranking of the Most Dramatic Real Housewives Trips Ever

A Ranking of the Most Dramatic Real Housewives Trips Ever

If there’s one thing every single Real Housewives franchise has in common, it’s their collective inability to take vacations that resemble actual vacations.

Sure, the trips to luxurious destinations like St. Barths, Hawaii, Morocco and Puerto Vallarta—which often include five-star accommodations and all the perks a person can dream of—seem to make for the most ideal and relaxing getaways, but with every iteration of the Bravo show, there’s almost always explosive drama.

Why? Perhaps it’s all the booze, or that the trips mark the rare occasion that all of the cast members are in the same place at the same time. Plus, the getaways tend to be toward the end of a season, meaning the Housewives’ tensions are at an all-time high.

Either way, there’s nothing more entertaining than a Housewives trip, which is why Peacock created a spinoff dedicated totally to co-stars from different cities vacationing together!

In honor of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip season two premiering this Thursday, June 23, on Peacock, we’re looking back at the best—and most explosive—trips in Housewives history.

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