Bachelor Nation’s Hayden Apologizes For “Unacceptable” Behavior

Rachel and Gabby haven’t publicly responded to his apology yet, though Gabby tweeted during the episode, “Caught in 4K Hay.”

It hasn’t been an easy run for Rachel and Gabby, who divided the men into two separate groups. During the previous rose ceremony, three men—TermayneAlec and James—rejected Rachel in favor of Gabby. And while Hayden had already called Gabby “rough around the edges,” Rachel gave him a second chance. 

So when Hayden defended himself to the other men, saying that Gabby is a hypocrite and he can’t see himself with Rachel, he sealed his fate. “I really feel like this is the end of my rope,” Rachel told Hayden when confronting him about his comments. “I’m hitting roadblock after roadblock after roadblock, and I can’t keep doing it. I can’t really keep dealing with it. Can I walk you out?”

Unfortunately, there’s another roadblock further down the road. The episode ended with Logan accepting Rachel’s rose—even though he just told host Jesse Palmer that he’s actually interested in switching to team Gabby. 

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