Hayley Kiyoko’s Personal Music Will Make You Feel Seen & Heard

Hayley Kiyoko knows her fans have big expectations.

More than four years after releasing her debut album, the pop star believes her followers have waited long enough for her second body of work. Now, Hayley is ready to share her authentic self—and prove good things come to those who wait—with the release of PANORAMA.

“I’m a perfectionist and I really wanted to have a no skip album,” Hayley exclusively shared with E! News. “I just set the bar really high for myself. In doing so, it doesn’t make things easy and I really wanted to give my fans the best part of me.”

According to Hayley, Expectations shared the journey of catching up “with my present self.” With PANORAMA, the music exemplifies her present self as she continues to be an LGBTQ+ advocate and activist.

“I think as a queer person, we’re constantly catching up with ourselves,” she said. “We’re constantly having to come out all the time. We’re unlearning so much and traumas that we have or walls that we’ve built. This is my truest authentic self and my current present self.”

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