Neighbors use trampoline to rescue neighbors in house fire

Two Tennessee men were recognized for their quick thinking after they bounced into action and used a trampoline in a desperate bid to save their neighbors whose home went up in flames.

Fernando Rivera was on his way home from work Thursday when he saw plumes of smoke filling the air, the Chattanooga Fire Department said.

As the blaze, which likely originated in the kitchen, quickly filled the two-story house with smoke.

Several residents managed to make it out safely, but two people, a man and a 19-year-old girl, were stuck inside as the fire ripped through the property.

Rivera spotted the 19-year-old woman calling for help from an upstairs window and convinced her to make the terrifying leap into his arms.

The dangerous kitchen fire pinned family members in the second story of their Chattanooga house.
Facebook/Chattanooga Fire Depart
The fire caused extensive damage to the home.
Facebook/Chattanooga Fire Department
The fire allegedly started in the kitchen.
Facebook/Chattanooga Fire Department

After the successful catch, Rivera saw the father in another window. He grabbed another neighbor, Sam Triplett, to help. The two men pushed a trampoline on the property close to the burning, enabling the man to jump out without hurting himself.

Fire rescue services arrived moments later and had the blaze under control in about 20 minutes, the Fire Department said.

No one was injured, officials said.

The two men posed with the family they rescued at the Chattanooga Fire Department.
Facebook/Chattanooga Fire Depart
Fire fighters working outside the home earlier this week.
Facebook/Chattanooga Fire Depart

“We commend both neighbors who stepped up to save lives in a terrifying and dangerous situation,” a spokesperson for the Chattanooga Fire Department told The Post. “Their fast thinking, resourcefulness, and bravery were remarkable.”

Rivera and Triplett were given Citizen Commendation awards by fire officials for their bravery.

“Fire Chief Phil Hyman gave them Citizen Commendation Awards for their heroic actions and personally thanked them for going above and beyond in an emergency situation,” the Chattanooga Fire Department wrote on Facebook.

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