Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Drew and Jonathan Scott’s Future on HGTV

Why You Shouldnt Worry About Drew and Jonathan Scotts Future

The Property Brothers are building a strong foundation. 

The home-renovating duo—better known as twins Drew and Jonathan Scott—have signed a three-year deal with their longtime network HGTV, Variety reported Sept 14. Under the agreement, the brothers will produce more episodes of both Property Brothers: Forever Home and Celebrity IOU, as well as develop more exclusive home-related series and digital content.”

The real estate stars say they were courted by multiple other platforms who wanted their own deed to the property (brothers). 

“We’ve been working for so long now with HGTV and also Warner Bros. Discovery and it was a no-brainer for us,” Jonathan Scott told Variety. “We were definitely wooed by many other major players and some of them who really, really wanted our brand on their platform, and it just feels right with HGTV because we’ve been a family.

“It’s not even just that it’s a job for us and a workplace,” he continued. “The relationship we have, it’s a symbiotic relationship where we develop the shows and we listen to the fans. We’re engaging directly with the fans with over half a million messages a week, each, from our fans, so we know what they want and the network has always been up to that with us.”

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