Jennifer Hudson Addresses Rumors She’s On The Masked Singer

Jennifer Hudson Addresses Rumors Shes On The Masked Singer

Not all heroes wear a mask. 

Jennifer Hudson is addressing the rumors that she’s now starring on the newest season of The Masked Singer. Speaking to Leslie Jordan, who will be a guest judge on the series, on her daytime talk show The Jennifer Hudson Show, the American Idol star said that she’s heard whispers that she could be behind one of the show’ signature costumes—but wouldn’t confirm if it was her.

“I heard that they think that I’m under the mask somewhere singing, but I’m not gon’ tell you if it’s me or not,” she said. “I’m not gon’ tell it. I want y’all to watch the show. You need to watch the show. That’s the point of the show is to guess who’s singing, right?”

Jordan and Hudson then bonded over not being able to tell who’s beneath the masks, before Jordan accidentally spilled the beans that the only contestant he was able to correctly identify was “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

“Did you just drop it?” Hudson exclaimed as Jordan clamped his hands over his mouth. For the record, Dog the Bounty Hunter was on season seven of the singing competition, appearing as the Armadillo.

Rumors of Hudson appearing on the competition series first began circulating when a sneak preview came out Sept. 20 of judge Ken Jeong guessing that Hudson was behind the Harp, who gave a rendition of “Perfect” by P!nk

“This could be Jennifer Hudson,” Jeong explained after the Harp’s performance. “She’s done everything. But the comedy clue to me—she was in my favorite movie of all time, Sex and the City 1—let me finish!” 

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