Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Recalls “Traumatic” Childhood

Game of Thrones Maisie Williams Recalls Traumatic Childhood

Previously, the actress has been open about her mental health journey, and how fame at an early age impacted her wellbeing. She first started acting in 2011 when she was cast in Game of Thrones from ages 12-22.

“It’s just a constant feed in your back pocket of what people think of you,” she said in a 2019 podcast episode of Happy Place. “And I think we’d all like to say that we would turn a blind eye and wouldn’t care, but it’s impossible to do.”

Maisie also shared in that episode that she was learning to focus on herself to reach a sense of happiness. 

“It sounds really hippy-dippy and like look within you to find peace, but it is true,” she said at the time. “At the end of your day, you’re making yourself feel this way for a reason.”

She is currently filming The New Look, a TV series that will explore the rise of fashion designer Christian Dior.

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