Jerry O’Connell & Rebecca Romijn Tease The Real Love Boat

Jerry OConnell Rebecca Romijn Tease The Real Love Boat

All aboard!

As hosts of The Real Love Boat, premiering Oct. 5 on CBS, real-life married couple Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn join the illustrious pantheon of reality-competition hosts like Survivor’s Jeff Probst and Project Runway‘s Heidi Klum. While hosting a beloved series is no easy feat, ascending to the upper echelon of iconic hosts requires one important thing: a memorable catchphrase.

As two self-professed reality TV aficionados, Jerry and Rebecca knew the task at hand was make-or-break.

“In those elimination ceremonies, Rebecca and I had to come up with a send-off tag,” Jerry exclusively told E! News. “‘The tribe has spoken,’ Probst already has that. ‘Auf Wiedersehen,’ that’s Heidi Klum. Another one is ‘Sashay away,’ from Drag Race. So coming up with this elimination term, it had to be nautical. We tried a lot of things.”

Jerry revealed they tried “Get off my ship,” but ultimately said it was “kind of weird, people weren’t into that.”

“We tried ‘It’s time for you to walk the plank,'” Rebecca said. “That’s a little pirate-y.”

Hard to argue with that.

“So this is where we ended up. Are you ready?” Rebecca eventually revealed. “‘I’m sorry, you’ve been eliminated. It’s time for you to shove off.’ Which also felt a little aggressive, not gonna lie.”

Hey, there’s no time for needless pleasantries on The Real Love Boat!

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