Voters prefer GOP over Democrats on crime, immigration: poll

Voters prefer GOP over Democrats on crime immigration poll

Republicans have the edge over Democrats ​on the question of which party can better handle crime and border security just over a month before the midterm elections, a poll released Wednesday found.

The Reuters/Ipsos survey showed that 40% of voters think Republicans are best suited to solve illegal immigration, while just 32% of voters picked the Democrats.

On the question of curbing increasing crime rates, 39% of voters picked Republicans as the best choice to tackle the issue while 30% picked Democrats. The remainder either didn’t know or chose a third party or independents.

A separate Reuters/Ipsos poll found that President Biden’s approval rating had ticked down to 40%, a drop of one percentage point from last week, after recovering from lows in the mid-30s this summer. 

Although inflation topped the list of issues motivating voters, Republicans are also counting on worries over crime and immigration to motivate core GOP supporters to go to the polls Nov. 8, as well as pick up independents on the fence between the two parties. 

Voters prefer Republicans over Biden and Democrats to handle crime and border security.

Overall, 30% of voters picked inflation as their main concern, with 5% choosing immigration and 4% selecting crime.  

“A lot of voters care about crime and a lot of voters care about immigration,” Alex Conant, a Republican strategist, told Reuters. “Right now, those are winning issues for Republicans.”

Last month, House Republicans released their “Commitment to America,” a midterm elections platform that promised to end inflation and reduce crime, as well serve as a check on the Biden administration. 

But while Republicans train their messages on crime and immigration, Democrats are betting that women, especially suburban women, will be stimulated to vote to protect abortion rights after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June. 

Abortion rights debated in mid-term elections.
Democrats are pushing abortion rights in midterm elections.

Police crime scene
Voters prefer Republicans to address crime, a survey shows.

Migrants at the southern border.
Migrants at the southern border.

In the Reuters/Ipsos poll, 6% of voters say changing abortion laws is their overriding issue. 

“Abortion is a bigger issue for suburban women who are swing voters,” Mike Mikus, a Democratic strategist in Pennsylvania, told the wire service. 

Suburban women favored Democrats over Republicans by 40% to 24% on abortion. 

The poll on the issues surveyed 4,415 adults between Sept. 27 and Oct. 3. 

It has a credibility interval of between 2 and 5 percentage points.

The Biden approval poll surveyed 1,003 adults.

It has a credibility interval of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

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